12 reasons to visit Ecuador after the Earthquake

Ecuador is a beautiful country with a lot of diversity. The slogan for the country has been for many years ‘Ecuador Tiene Todo’ (Ecuador has everything) and this is so true! You’ll find high Andean mountains, the beautiful coast, Amazon rainforest and of course the Galápagos. But Ecuador is more than just a beautiful landscape. How about their products: The best coffee, cocoa and exotic fruits or their great variety in the Animal Kingdom, like the hummingbird, the giant turtles and the humpback whales. Not to mention the people of Ecuador: The land where people wear a smile, are always open and friendly towards other people. Ecuador has it all!

We live in Puerto López, Ecuador and we are very happy with our choice to live in this beautiful country. Even the earthquake of 16 april 2016 didn’t change our mind. Fortunately, there is a lot of help for the victims of the earthquake, but the best way to help Ecuador in the long term is to (continue to) visit this beautiful country en by buying local products, because tourism is one of the main important income sources of Ecuador.

 The best way to help Ecuador is to visit Ecuador



Indigenous people of Ecuador

We understand tourists might be afraid to visit Ecuador right now, after all the dramatic images on television. Nevertheless, this is only a small part of the country and there are so many places in Ecuador that haven’t been affected at all.

Today we give you 12 reasons to visit Ecuador after the earthquake.

  1. Galápagos.
    This unique archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean, far from the Ecuatorian main land and has not noticed anything of the earthquake. It is a destination that is high on every travellers bucket list and for a reason! It has a beautiful landscape with unique flora and fauna.
  2. Middle of the World
    Who doesn’t want to stand in the Middle of the World? Ecuador owes its name to the fact that it is on the equator. Capital Quito is located on the equator, but if you want te be on the real centre of the world you should visit Mitad del Mundo. A fun and informative place.
  3. Sun, Sea and Beach
    Despite the fact that the Earthquake has affected a large part of the coast, it is absolutely possible to enjoy Sun, Sea and Beach. The region around Puerto López is unaffected and has beautiful beaches such as Los Frailes, ultimate surfing spots in Las Tunas and Ayampe and the best beach parties are in Montañita.


    The beautiful beach of Puerto López

  4. The Amazon, a unique experience
    Who does not dream of visiting the deep Amazon? It is possible in Ecuador! Visit one of the jungle lodges in the largest rainforest of the world and sail with small boats deep into the jungle. Watch out for spiders 😉
  5. Local Crafts
    Did you know the Panama Hat is from Ecuador? Ecuador has a lot of artisans who make wonderful stuff. The panama hat (Montecristi), beautiful ponchos, gorgeous fabrics made of alpaca wool, pottery, furniture, jewellery and of course the hammock! Safe some room in your suitcase or backpack, because the best souvenirs you buy in Ecuador!
  6.  Magnificent nature, the Unique National Parks
    Ecuador has a number of unique national parks. Cajas NP has breathtaking views, with its high mountains and hundreds of Lakes. Cotopaxi is the oldest National Park on the Ecuadorian mainland and has stunning views on the snow-covered volcano. Cuyabeno reserve shows the beautiful Amazon. Machalilla NP with its unique tropical dry forest climate,  which is best to be seen on Isla de La Plata (nearby the coast of Puerto López). Besides this region not only attracts very specific bird populations, it is also the only place to see the Humpback Whales!


    Humpback Whale

  7. Vibrant City Life
    Capital Quito has a beautiful historical centre but is also the place for a good cup of coffee, nightlife and culinary delights. Guayaquil is a city with a more youthful and modern character. The Malecon 2000 is the modern centre of the city with art, museums and restaurants. It is the best city for shopping! Also Cuenca is a city you do not want to miss! Cuenca is a city with lots of culture and a melting pot of nationalities.
  8. Food and Drinks
    Despite the fact that Ecuador is not high on the culinary lists, it has high abundance of delicious products and meals. You will find an abundance of tropical fruits, the coastal region is known for its Ceviche and other fish or seafood dishes and the Andes has its delicious traditional stews.
  9. For everyone
    Ecuador is a destination for everyone. If you are a backpacker or flashpacker, young or old, an adventurer or someone who prefers organized tours, you can find tours, hotels and destinations at any budget and at any level of comfort.



  10. Voluntary work
    Ecuador is still a developing third world country. A country which is in need of help, not only now after the recent earthquake. It is a popular destination for people who want to do voluntary work.  The wide range of available projects, so if you want to contribute Ecuador is the perfect destination for you!
  11. Learning Spanish
    If you want to learn spanish, Ecuador is the place to be. People don’t speak English very often, so you can practice Spanish all day long! The good thing about learning spanish in Ecuador is that people don’t really have a strong accent and they speak quite slowly in comparison to the other latin american countries. You can find spanish schools in the big cities and along the coast and start at any level.
  12. The people
    Last but not least; the people of Ecuador. Of all the countries that we travelled in South America, we think the Ecuadorians are the most cheerful, open and friendly people. They are very welcoming, willing to help and easy to connect with. It is true that the people living on the coast are more open than the indigenous people in the Andes, but in no other South American country we saw people with such a positive attitude to life.


    The Panama Hat

What do you think about these reasons, did we miss one?
If so feel free to add it in the comments below so we can make the list as complete as possible!

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