How to change your life

At a certain point in your life you realise things need to change. My life needs to change. We realised this in 2007 while having a drink in the Riisterbosk, a small forest close to our hometown. Every year we would go there and look back on our lives. Every year we hoped next year would be better, but every year it was the same. We were still stuck in the same old rat race of having a career, with only working, eating and sleeping… and for what!? For whom!? More money, more status, more stuff? It became clear to us: Things needed to change. We needed to change! But how do you change your life?

We decided to change our lifes drastically. We said goodbye to our careers in the financial world, sold our houses and travelled the world for two years. It appears to be the best decision ever!

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How to change your life

Often we get the following reactions from people:

  • I would love to……, but I don’t have the money.
  • As soon as the kids are grown up and leave the house, we’re going to change our lives.
  • As soon as I’m retired, I’m going to do the things I always wanted to do.
  • I can’t…, I need to think about my career.

Each one of these people really wants to change their lives, but they don’t do it. Why? Is it so hard?

Looking back, it wasn’t that difficult at all! So, do you also want to change your life, but you don’t know how to ?

We would love to help you with the following tips.

When do you change your life?
At any time! You don’t need to wait for that special moment, that moment will probably never come. Both of us realised we needed to change our lives at a point where we were not happy with the life we were living. Were we miserable? No, we were just not happy… we were not living the life we always dreamed of.  But there are some moments that make it easier to make a change.

Good moments to change your life:

  • You’re not 100% happy with the life you’re living.
  • You’ve postponed your dreams for the future (as soon as the children are grownup, when I win the lottery etc. etc.)
  • You’re at a crossroad in your life where a lot of things are changing (you loose your job, divorce, move to another house…)

How to change your life?
That’s actually the easiest but also the hardest part. We just made the decision and because we were with one another we helped each other to take the following steps.

  1. Decide what you want to do differently or what the goal is you want to achieve
  2. Take smaller steps, and bigger steps, while working on your goal/dream.
  3. Share your decision with others. This way you make it real and other people can help you.

how to change your life, inspirational, travel,

3 Reasons why you shouldn’t do it:

  1. I don’t know what I want.
    A perfect reason to keep things the way they are. But bear in mind… if you keep on waiting for the moment that you do know what you want, you might wait a long time and it might be too late.
  2. I know what I have
    Certainty, often gives a feeling of security. But what is certain? And does this certainty also make you happy?
  3. After the decision is life suddenly going to be a fairytale? 
    No! Changing your life doesn’t change it into a fairytale. There will be hard times. But the advantage is, you know what you’re aiming for: You are working on your dream!

3 Reasons why you should do it:

  1. I don’t know what I want. 
    By making the decision to do things differently, you’ll find the answer. Do we know what we want for the rest of our lives? No. If we live for now maybe better ideas will come out from that!
  2. You will amaze yourself. 
    By doing things differently, you are also crossing borders. You discover you can do much more than you ever thought you could. For instance we never thought we would have the guts to emigrate to Ecuador.
  3. You make your dream come true!
    If you work on it a 100% it is possible to make your dream come true. It doesn’t have to remain just a dream, it really is possible for your dream to come true!

Still having difficulties making a decision? These books helped us a lot, and who knows maybe they can help you too! Order them directly by clicking on the image and you have already made the first step on how to change your life!

Have you already changed your life? Or are you in the middle of the process? We always like hearing stories from other people so, please feel free to share them!

Questions? You are welcome to contact us!

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  1. Great article! I drastically changed my life ten years ago by quitting my very secure job as an operations manager and starting my own business and I never looked back. Well thinking back I should have done it maybe years before but on the other hand, I probably wasn’t ready at that time so all good… 🙂

    • Hi Simone, thanks! And look at where you are now! Although it isn’t always easy, you are following your passion and therefore you are absolutely an inspiration.

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